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Silent Witness (TV series)

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1996 February, 21
120 minutes
Crime / Drama / Mystery


Crimes through the eyes of a team of forensic pathologists and forensic scientists. - IMDb

Affaires non classées France
Autopsie (dubbed version) France
Gerichtsmedizinerin Dr. Samantha Ryan (alternative title) Germany
Gerichtsmediziner Dr. Leo Dalton (alternative title) Germany
Hiljainen todistaja Finland
Milczacy swiadek Poland
A Néma szemtanú Hungary
Tavse vidner Denmark
Testigo silencioso Argentina
Testimoni silenziosi Italy
Безмолвный свидетель Russia

Children's Cast:

Nick James Luke (TV Episode: Death Has No Dominion: Part 2) (2012)
Ella Jones [17] Justine Finch (TV Episode: Schism: Part 1) (2006)
Kelly Endresz-Banlaki Agnes Dedj / Agnes Dedej (TV Episode: Bloodlines: Part 2) (2011)
Lucinda Dryzek [11] Cassie Dalton (TV Episode: Closed Ranks: Part 1) (2002)
Nicholas Hoult [9] Tom Evans (TV Episode: An Academic Exercise: Part 1) (1998)
Poppy Rogers [6] Dana Bennett (TV Episode: Fallen Idol: Part 1) (1998)
Lee Turnbull Todd (TV Episode: A Kind of Justice: Part 1) (1999)
Aled Roberts Gavin Mulcahy (TV Episode: Faith: Part 1) (2001)
Toby Marlow [12] Stephen Owen (TV Episode: Supernova: Part 1) (2006)
Kevin Bishop [17] Ben Quayle (TV Episode: Friends Like These: Part 1) (1997)
Cora Thomas Baby Ellie (TV Episode: Domestic: Part 2) (2012)
Abigail Hardingham Sarah Begovic / Catherine 'Cats' Felton (TV Episode: Flight: Part 2) (2011)
Joshua Nonet-Black John Gilston (TV Episode: Fear: Part 2) (2012)
Adrianna Bertola [12] 8 Year Old Girl (TV Episode: A Guilty Mind: Part 1) (2011)
Jake Hathaway Jacob van Buren (TV Episode: The Prodigal: Part 2) (2011)
Joe Mason 9 year old Jamie Colebrook (TV Episode: Double Dare: Part 2) (2007)
Corinne Vrensen Young Klara (TV Episode: The Prodigal: Part 2) (2011)
Malachy Knights Alex Bridges (TV Episode: Redhill: Part 2) (2012)
Brid Arnstein [13] Sam Ryan Aged 13 / 14 (TV Episode: A Time to Heal: Part 2) (2004)
Madaleine Bassett Sam Ryan Aged 9 (TV Episode: A Time to Heal: Part 2) (2004)
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