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Da jeg traff Jesus... med sprettert

Also known as: When I Hit Jesus... with a Slingshot (Australia: literal English title)
Odd Little Man (World-wide)
Director: Stein Leikanger
Release: 27 Aug 2000
Country: Norway
Runtime: 88 minutes
Genre: Biography / Comedy

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Little Oddemann uses every means available to find Jesus, including his slingshot. The film takes us to Norway in the late 30's, where we meet a series of burlesque and humorous characters, whose antics convince Oddemann that growing up may be a bad idea. Yet Oddemann finds there are certain rewards to being grown-up, such as partying and chasing women, that merit closer examination. The film is based on a book of childhood reminiscences by beloved Norwegian poet and Jazz lyricist Odd Børretzen. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Fredrik Stenberg Ditlev-Simonsen Oddemann
Martin Eidissen Brother
Herman Haugen guttegjeng medlem
Espen Karlsen guttegjeng medlem
Kim-Erik Karlsen guttegjeng medlem
Iris Leikanger forstanderinnens datter
Frederick Paasche Kristian
Emil Stokkeland guttegjeng medlem
Marius Brandhaug Thoresen guttegjeng medlem

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