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Pie in the Sky (TV series 1994-1997)

Pie in the Sky (USA)

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1994 March, 13
United Kingdom
50 minutes
Comedy / Crime / Drama

Detective Inspector Henry Crabbe, an intelligent, sensible, and mild-mannered man, would like nothing better than to retire from the police force and devote his time and energy to the restaurant that he wants to open. However, Assistant Chief Constable Fisher won't allow this to happen because this would expose his own stupidity and ineptitude to the unwelcome attention of his superiors. So, after a botched operation to try to catch a notorious criminal, Fisher devises a scheme that incriminates Henry, and, until he can solve this invidious dilemma, he must continue to serve at his boss's calling, whenever the need arises. - IMDb

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Pie in the Sky USA
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Пирог в небе Russia

Children's Cast:

Che Grant [16] Schoolboy (TV Episode: Cutting the Mustard) (1997)
Dani Harmer [8] Twin (TV Episode: The Apprentice) (1997)
Kevin Bishop [17] Nicky (TV Episode: The Apprentice) (1997)
Martin Delaney [15] Benjamin Oates (TV Episode: Cutting the Mustard) (1997)