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The White Cliffs of Dover

The White Cliffs of Dover (United Kingdom)

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1944 May, 11
126 minutes
Drama / Romance / War
Production Company:


London based American nurse, Susan, Lady Ashwood, is at the hospital awaiting the imminent arrival of injured soldiers. She is hoping that her enlisted son, Sir John Ashwood, who resembles his father both in appearance and temperament, is not among those injured. As she waits, she remembers back to WWI when her husband, the previous Sir John Ashwood, was enlisted, and the waiting she endured on any news from and about him while he was away in battle. From a humble background, Sue almost didn't meet Sir John let alone marry him as she and her father, Hiram Dunn, the publisher of a small daily newspaper, were only in London in April 1914 on a two week vacation - her first ever trip - that was not going very well when by happenstance she got invited on her last day in London to the king's ball, where Sir John was awaiting the arrival of another young woman with who he was supposed to keep company for the evening. Despite being mutually attracted to each other, the patriotic Sue didn't know whether she could leave the United States and get accustomed both to John's family's aristocratic manners as well as the English customs in general. She also thinks back to approximately ten years earlier when she was urged by her father to return to the States on the inevitability that the Germans would once again be the aggressors in a war. Through it all, Sue is a proud American despite having lived the better part of her life in England. - IMDb

По поэме Элис Дьюэр Миллер. Сага об американской девушке Сюзан, которая поехала в Англию на каникулы в 1914 году, влюбилась в сэра Джона Эщвуда, научилась любить Британию и осталась, чтобы пройти всю Первую Мировую войну и увидеть приход Второй.

As Rochas Brancas de Dover Portugal
Le bianche scogliere di Dover Italy
Białe klify w Dover Poland
Bílé útesy doverské Czechoslovakia
Les blanches Falaises de Douvres France
Dover fehér sziklái Hungary
Doverin valkeat kalliot Finland
Dovers hvite klipper Norway
Dovers vita klippor Sweden
Evocação Brazil
Evocación Argentina
Evocación Mexico
Las rocas blancas de Dóver Spain
Weiße Klippen Austria
Die Weißen Klippen Austria
White Cliffs of Dover Canada
The White Cliffs of Dover United Kingdom
The White Cliffs of Dover USA
The White Cliffs of Dover Belgium
Οι λευκοί βράχοι του Ντόβερ Greece
Белые скалы Дувра Soviet Union
ドーヴァーの白い崖 Japan

Children's Cast:

Elizabeth Taylor [12] Betsy Kenney at Age 10
Gary Gray [7] Boy at Dinner Table
Roddy McDowall [15] John Ashwood II as a Boy
Steven Muller [16] Gerhard von Biesterburg