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An American Romance

Also known as: America (USA: working title)
Director: King Vidor
Release: 11 Oct 1944
Country: USA
Runtime: 151 minutes
Genre: Drama

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Stefan Dangos immigrates to America and works his way up from the iron mines and steel mills to become a great American success story as an industrialist. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Jackie 'Butch' Jenkins [7] Thomas Jefferson Dangos - Age 6
Carol Coombs [9] Tina Dangos - Age 6
Charles Bates [9] Teddy Roosevelt Dangos - Age 8
Johnny Walsh [20] Boy
Robert Winkler [17] Thomas Jefferson Dangos - Age 14
Payne B. Johnson [14] Boy at Picnic
Richard Hall [10] George Washington Dangos - Age 5
Bobby Larson [14] Abraham Lincoln Dangos - Age 8

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