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The Bold Ones: The New Doctors (TV series)

The Bold Ones: The New Doctors (USA)

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1969 September, 14
60 minutes

Dr. Benjamin Craig was an extremely successful neurosurgeon who had become so well-known and well-renowned in his field that he was able to open his own very exclusive clinic called The David Craig Institute of New Medicine. There Craig and his two bold young charges, chief of surgery Ted Stuart and Paul Hunter, worked on experimental, sometimes non-surgical advances in medical science. Dr. Stuart was later replaced by Dr. Cohen. - IMDb

The Bold Ones: The New Doctors USA
I nuovi medici Italy
The New Doctors  
Los nuevos médicos Spain

Children's Cast:

Dawn Lyn [9] Melissa Feinstein (TV Episode: A Quality of Fear) (1972)
Darby Hinton [13] Hal Parker (TV Episode: This Will Really Kill You) (1970)
Dawn Frame Poppy (TV Episode: A Threatened Species) (1972)
Sean Kelly [16] Simms (TV Episode: The Velvet Prison) (1972)
Stephen R. Hudis [15] Cliff Morrow (TV Episode: An Inalienable Right to Die) (1972)
Tim Weldon [12] Ricky Rizzuto (TV Episode: And Those Unborn) (1969)
Geri Reischl [12] Lisa Lindon (TV Episode: The Glass Cage) (1971)