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Barnaby Jones (TV series 1973-1980)

Barnaby Jones (USA)

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1973 January, 28
60 minutes
Crime / Drama / Mystery
Production Company:

Barnaby Jones was a former private eye who temporarily came out of retirement to track down the killer of his son Hal, who had taken over the family business. After bringing Hal's murderer to justice (with the assistance of fellow CBS gumshoe Frank Cannon), Jones decided retirement just wasn't his bag after all, and rehung his shingle with the assistance of daughter-in-law Betty, who ran the office and Barnaby's personal crime laboratory, and (later) young distant cousin Jedidiah, who did the cases' legwork. - IMDb

Barnaby Jones Poland
Barnaby Jones USA
Barnaby Jones Australia
Barnaby Jones Canada
Barnaby Jones Canada
Barnaby Jones West Germany
Barnaby Jones Ecuador
Barnaby Jones Spain
Barnaby Jones United Kingdom
Barnaby Jones Italy
Barnaby Jones, O Detetive Brazil
Барнаби Джонс Soviet Union
名探偵ジョーンズ Japan

Children's Cast:

Dawn Lyn [12] Kathy Evans (TV Episode: Theater of Fear) (1975)
Todd Lookinland [8] Jimmy Mason (TV Episode: Secret of the Dunes) (1973)
Johnny Doran [13] Jimmy Wiley (TV Episode: Beware the Dog) (1975)
Mia Bendixsen [9] Chris Lee (TV Episode: Sunday: Doomsday) (1973)
David Hollander [7] David Shoemaker / Jody Lockwood (TV Episode: Renegade's Child) (1976)
Elizabeth Hoy Darlene Wright (TV Episode: The Silent Accuser) (1980)
Michael Hershewe [10] Charlie Hopkins (TV Episode: Child of Danger) (1977)
Steve Shaw [13] Stevie Sayers (TV Episode: Final Judgment: Part 1) (1978)
Vincent Van Patten [16] Kevin Mills (TV Episode: Day of the Viper) (1973)
Stephen Manley [13] (TV Episode: Stages of Fear) (1978)
Michael LeClair Colin (TV Episode: Beware the Dog) (1975)
Stephen Liss [17] Eddie Rile (TV Episode: Murder-Go-Round) (1973)