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San Francisco

San Francisco (USA)

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1936 June, 26
115 minutes
Drama / Musical / Romance
Production Company:
$ 1 300 000


Mary Blake arrives at Blackie Norton's Paradise gambling hall and beer garden looking for work as a singer. Blackie embarrasses her by asking to see her legs, but does hire her. She faints from hunger. Nob Hill Socialite Jack Burley and Maestro Baldini of the Tivoli Opera House see her singing and offer her a chance to do opera, but Blackie has her under a two-year contract which she sorrowfully stands by. Later, when he makes up posters featuring Mary in tights, she does leave for the Tivoli. Blackie gets an injunction against Burley, but knocks out the process server when he hears Mary's performance as Marguerite in "Faust". She asks her to marry him and she agrees to go back to the Paradise as his kind of singer, but Blackie's childhood chum Father Tim intervenes. After Blackie slugs the priest, Mary leaves. She is soon the star of the Tivoli and Blackie's place is closed down. She sings a rousing "San Francisco" on behalf of the Paradise at the annual "Chicken Ball" and wins the $10,000 prize which Blackie throws to the floor. As she storms out of the hall a terrible rumble betokens the famous San Francisco earthquake. Buildings collapse, streets split wide open, the city burns, the army dynamites whole sections of town. After staggering around in a stupor Blackie finds Father Tim and the two of them find Mary at a Salvation Army camp. Backed by hundreds of others, they look out over the ruins which are gradually replaced by the shining new city with a reprise of the title song. - IMDb

Эта история началась в городе Сан-Франциско 31 декабря 1905 года. Именно в этот день пересеклись пути Мэри Блэйк, мечтающей о карьере певицы, и Блэки Нортона, владельца клуба "Рай". Судьба подарила им счастье, только недолгое... Вскоре Мэри решила использовать свой шанс и стать оперной певицей, покинув "Рая". А заканчивается эта история драматическими событиями зменитого Сан-францисского землетрясения.

A Cidade do Pecado (short title) Brazil
Grad greha (literal title) Yugoslavia
San Francisco France
San Francisco Denmark
San Francisco Canada
San Francisco West Germany
San Francisco USA
San Francisco Yugoslavia
San Francisco Hungary
San Francisco Spain
San Francisco Belgium
San Francisco Croatia
San Francisco Portugal
San Francisco Yugoslavia
San Francisco Canada
San Francisco West Germany
San Francisco United Kingdom
San Francisco Austria
San Francisco Slovenia
San Francisco Argentina
San Francisco Mexico
San Francisco Italy
San Francisco, i polis tis amartias (transliterated title) Greece
San Francisco, Stadt der Sünde (complete title) Austria
San Francisco: Tonnerre sur la cité ardente (complete title) Belgium
San Franciscon maanjäristys Finland
San Fransisko-Yıkılan Belde Turkey
São Francisco, a Cidade do Pecado Brazil
Soko (San Furanshisuko) Japan
Сан Франциско Bulgaria
Сан-Франциско Soviet Union
桑港 Japan

Children's Cast:

Sonny Bupp [8] Choirboy
Tommy Bupp [12] Bill - Newsboy
Jerry Tucker [10] Choirboy
Sammy McKim [11] Choirboy
Leonard Kibrick [11] Choirboy
St. Luke's Episcopal Church Choristers Choir
Corinne Varian Little Girl
Layne Tom Jr. [8] Earthquake Survivor on Blackie's Shoulder