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The Great O'Malley

Aka: The Rise of the O'Malleys (USA: working title)
Director: William Dieterle
Year: 1937
Country: USA
Runtime: 71 minutes
Genre: Drama

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Officer O'Malley arrests John Phillips for a traffic violation and costs him a chance at a good job. Phillips has a wife and crippled child, so he commits robbery and O'Malley sends him to prison. After this O'Malley becomes closer to Phillips' family. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Bobs Watson [7] Boy
Sonny Bupp [9] Boy with Lollipop
Sidney Kibrick [9] Street Kid
Sybil Jason [10] Barbara Phillips
Payne B. Johnson [7] Boy on Street
Georgie Billings [13]
Delmar Watson [11] Tubby
Leonard Kibrick [13] Newsboy

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