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Love Is on the Air

Aka: The Radio Murder Mystery (UK)
Director: Nick Grinde
Year: 1937
Country: USA
Runtime: 59 minutes
Genre: Crime / Drama / Mystery / Romance

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Andy McCaine is the ace crime reporter for a radio station. However, his exposés of corruption in high places gets him in trouble with the sponsor of his show, E.E. Nichols, who is in league with gangster Nicey Ferguson. Nichols pressures Andy's boss to demote him to a children's show, but Andy finds a way to use the kid show to bust open a murder case. - IMDb

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Children's Cast:

Sonny Bupp [9] Billie - Boy on Radio Program
Tommy Bupp [13] Mouse
Dickie Jones [10] Bill - Mouse's Friend
Georgie Billings [13] Peewee - Boxer
Marianne Edwards [7] Barbara - Girl on Radio Program
Henry Hanna [11] Tiger - Boxer
Anne Howard [12] Brunette Girl Rooting for Curly
Priscilla Lyon [10] Blonde Girl Rooting for Skinny
Ray Nichols [14] Boy
Johnnie Pirrone Jr. [14] Curly Barker
Jerry Tucker [12] Youngster Rooting for Tiger

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