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Round the Twist (TV series)


Aka: Twist total - Eine australische Familie legt los (Germany)
Director: Esben Storm, Steve Jodrell, Ray Boseley ... more
Year: 1989
Country: Australia
Runtime: 25 minutes
Genre: Comedy / Family / Fantasy

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Tony Twist and his three children - thirteen year old twins Pete and Linda and nine year old Bronson - move to an old lighthouse on the rugged Australian Coast. They soon discover that the lighthouse, and the outhouse, are haunted. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Jeffrey Walker [10] Bronson Twist (TV Episode: Seeing the Light) (1992)
Mathew Waters [11] Bronson Twist (TV Episode: Linda Godiva) (2000)
Woody Miles Gelati Customer (TV Episode: The Ice Cream Man Cometh) (2000)
Joelene Crnogorac [14] Linda / Linda Twist (TV Episode: Seeing the Light) (1993)
Thomas M. Wright [17] Milo (TV Episode: Truth Hits Everybody) (2000)
Cameron Nugent [15] Tiger Gleeson (TV Episode: WunderPants) (1989)

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