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The Wayne Manifesto (TV series)

Director: Paul Moloney
Year: 1996
Country: Australia
Runtime: 25 minutes
Genre: Family / Comedy

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The humorous memoirs of Wayne Wilson, eleven years old, who discovers that his perception of life is not always mirrored in reality.
Life is never quite normal in the Wilson family. Wayne's eccentric family includes Mr Wilson, a plumber with a penchant for collecting toilets of the rich and famous, Mrs Wilson a two time winner of the Ordinary Housewife of the Year and the brains behind the plumbing business, and his older sister Charlene, who Wayne believes would make a great politician with her ability to present so many different faces to the world.
Together with his best friend, Squocka, and Violet, the girl next door who Wayne secretly admires and compares to Joan of Arc, Wayne embarks on the everyday adventures of adolescence as seen through the eyes of an eleven year old.
Live action drama series for 8 to 12 year olds.

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Children's Cast:

Jeffrey Walker [14] Wayne Wilson (TV Episode: Wayne in the Wings) (1996)
Brooke Harman [11] Rosie (TV Episode: unknown episodes) (1996)
Jah'shua McAvoy [12] Squocka (TV Episode: unknown episodes) (1996)
Simon James [15] Kevin (TV Episode: Wayne in the Wings) (1996)
Joshua Tainish-Biagi Desmond (TV Episode: Work Experience) (1997)

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