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The Wedding Dress (TV)

The Wedding Dress (USA)

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2001 October, 28
95 minutes
Drama / Fantasy / Romance
Production Company:

When Hannah Pinkham's fiancé writes he's finally shipping home, her mother makes a fairy tale wedding dress, but while she's fitting it the knock on the door is not him, but the dreaded officer-messenger. Years later she sends it to her nephew, photographer Travis Cleveland, but his model-bride Cass only pretends to like it to get rid of his loyal assistant. After he walks off with it, his car gets stolen with the dress in it... And it keeps passing on from person to person, but will anybody actually get married in it or does it just keep bringing bad luck to couples? - IMDb

Платье, сшитое когда-то для молодой девушки, чей суженый трагически погиб на войне, попадает к талантливому фотографу, который собирается жениться на модели. Но будущая невеста ему не пара. Платье похищают, и оно становится частью нескольких историй из жизни разных людей, пока не используется по назначению на свадьбе, соединяющей истинно любящие сердца.

Az Esküvői ruha Hungary
La robe de mariée France
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The Wedding Dress USA

Children's Cast:

Kirsten Prout [11] Stella Carver