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American Dad! (TV series)

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2005 February, 6
22 minutes
Animation / Comedy


Stan Smith, who works for the CIA and is constantly on the alert for terrorist activity, will go to extremes to protect his beloved America from harm; as evidenced by the terror-alert color code on his fridge, and his frequent knee-jerk reaction of shooting holes in the toaster whenever the toast pops up. In addition to Stan's wife and teenage children, the Smith household has two rather unconventional members. There's Roger, the sarcastic space alien who rescued Stan from Area 51 who deeply resents the fact that he's not allowed to leave the house, and therefore, has been reduced to drinking wine and smoking cigarettes, and Klaus, a lascivious, German-speaking goldfish; the result of a CIA experiment gone seriously wrong where the CIA tried to give a fish a German man's brain. Stan's son is a dorky teenager who tries to be cool. His wife has had a past life of sex and drugs. - IMDb

American Dad Finland
American Dad Germany
American Dad (French title) Canada
Amerikai fater Hungary
Amerikanu tetuks! Latvia
Amerikietiškas tevelis Lithuania
Amerykański tata Poland
Padre Made in USA Spain
Американски татко (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Американский папаша Russia
Американський тато! Ukraine
Американський татусь! (alternative title) Ukraine
Амерички тата Serbia
अमेरिकन डॅड (Hindi title) India
アメリカン・ダッド (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Chloë Grace Moretz [16] Honey (TV Episode: Steve and Snot's Test-Tubular Adventure) (2013)
Jacob Tremblay [11] Camper (TV Episode: Camp Campawanda) (2017)
Joey King [15] (TV Episode: Familyland) (2014)
Paul Butcher [13] Johnny Collins (TV Episode: I Can't Stan You) (2007)
Max Charles [10] Boy / Camper (TV Episode: Da Flippity Flop) (2013)
Max Burkholder [10] Little Boy / Kid Doctor (TV Episode: Surro-Gate) (2007)
Austin Majors [11] Thomas (TV Episode: Of Ice and Men) (2006)
Anthony De Marco [12] Kid in Park (TV Episode: Don't Look a Smith Horse in the Mouth) (2010)
Jonathan Morgan Heit [15] (TV Episode: My Affair Lady) (2015)
Masam Holden [14] Henry (TV Episode: A.T. The Abusive Terrestrial) (2007)
Greyson Chance [16] (TV Episode: Minstrel Krampus) (2013)
Skyler Gisondo [12] TV Announcer / Matty Moyer (TV Episode: Stanny Slickers II: The Legend of Ollie's Gold) (2008)
Ava Acres Camper / Teenage Girl (TV Episode: Ninety North, Zero West) (2016)
Jadon Sand Brother / Snorkel Boy (TV Episode: Roger Passes the Bar) (2014)
Jaeden Martell [12] (TV Episode: My Affair Lady) (2015)
Allen Alvarado [12] Aiden (TV Episode: 1600 Candles) (2008)
Marcus Scribner [16] Movie Goer (TV Episode: Garfield and Friends) (2016)
Matthew McCann Pool Kid (TV Episode: Bahama Mama) (2016)
Anthony Gonzalez [16] Columbian Boy (TV Episode: 100 Years a Solid Fool) (2020)
Sawyer Ever (TV Episode: Cock of the Sleepwalk) (2014)
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