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Swimming Lessons

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2006 September, 21
7 minutes
Short / Comedy / Family

Eight year old Zoie hates to get wet. She hates swimming. And above all, she hates swimming lessons. And today is the worst Saturday in swimming lesson history - because today - is testing day. Zoie will have to squeeze herself into a cold, clammy piece of Lycra in a public changing room, risk life and toe crossing publicly trodden-on floors, brave "the showers", get her face wet in the shallow end - and perform the dreaded 'Dead Man's Float'. And, she'll have to do it in the deep end. Today is the day that Zoie must swim, or sink, in the deep end. And she's in way over her head. - IMDb

История 8-летней девочки Зои, которой предстоят школьные соревнования по плаванию. Короткометражная лента повествует о боязни утонуть и страхе проиграть, которые одолевают Зои.

Swimming Lessons Canada
Уроки плавания Russia

Children's Cast:

Jodelle Ferland [11] Zoe Anderson
Alex Ferris [9] Jeffrey
Kai Kennedy Boy in Locker Room
Alexia Fast [14] Nasty Girl