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Battlestar Galactica (TV series 2004-2009)

BSG (USA: promotional abbreviation)

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2004 October, 18
44 minutes
Action / Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi


The second war against the Cylons is over and The Twelve Colonies have been destroyed. Now Commander Adama of the Battlestar Galatica and President Laura Roslin lead a ragtag fleet of refugees in a supposed search for the fabled lost thirteenth colony, Earth. However, the dangers they face are many which compound an already difficult situation. In addition to the Cylons hunting and attacking the fleet in space and their infiltrator units carrying out sabotage-even as their former unwitting pawn, Gaius Baltar, helps in the hunt for them while hiding both his own guilt and the strange presence that haunts his every thought, the fleet also faces internal political conflict in which the rabble-rousing figure, Tom Zarek, is merely the loudest dissenting voice, not to mention recurring shortages of food, water and even oxygen. In the midst of these trials, however, clues begin to appear to suggest that Adama's bluff about finding Earth might hold more truthful than anyone could have guessed. - IMDb

В далекой галактике 12 колоний людей жили в мире с роботами в течение сорока лет. Но затем период спокойного сосуществования закончился. Роботы стали все больше приобретать человеческую форму и задались целью истребить людей, начав жестокую войну. Их агрессивные вылазки вынуждают опытного летчика Уильяма Адама привести в действие единственный из уцелевших боевых космических кораблей - "Галактику". Пятьдесят тысяч людей загружаются на борт спасительной машины и отправляются на поиски места, где они смогут спокойно жить и восстановить погибающую рассу...

BSG (promotional abbreviation) USA
Csillagközi romboló Hungary
Galáctica (short title) Spain
Galáctica, estrella de combate Spain
Galáctica, estrella de combate Mexico
Galactica, Razmnav Havaee (Persian title) Iran
GALACTICA/ギャラクティカ (Japanese title) Japan
Galáctica: Astronave de combate Argentina
Galaktikos kovos Lithuania
Hviezdna loď Galactica Slovakia
Savaş Yıldızı Galactica (Turkish title) Turkey
Taisteluplaneetta Galactica Finland
Бойна звезда: Галактика (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Звездный крейсер Галактика Russia
Свемирска крстарица Галактика Serbia
星際大爭霸 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Sean Connor Roche [11] Hungry Boy (TV Episode: The Passage) (2006)
Erika-Shaye Gair [9] Young Kara (TV Episode: Maelstrom) (2007)
Haley Guiel Paya (TV Episode: Black Market) (2006)
Samuel Patrick Chu Milo (TV Episode: Dirty Hands) (2007)
Connor Widdows [12] Boxey (TV Episode: Bastille Day) (2004)