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Olympic Games

Olympic Games (USA)
Warm Up (USA)

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1927 September, 11
20 minutes
Comedy / Family / Short
Production Company:

While the world watches the Olympic Games in Stockholm, the Rascals gather at the flats for their own games. Whether it's the shot put, the hurdles, the pole vault, or the high jump, not much goes right. There's a deep mud hole that catches several of the kids, and someone out there keeps giving them the razzberry. It's young Wheezer hiding out of sight with his dog Punch, but the kids think it's another boy, so every time they hear the Bronx cheer, they chase the innocent lad and give him a thumping. - IMDb

Olympic Games USA
Warm Up USA

Children's Cast:

Jackie Condon [9] Jackie
Robert Parrish [11]
Joe Cobb [10] Joe
Allen 'Farina' Hoskins [7] Farina
Bobby 'Wheezer' Hutchins [2] Wheezer
Jannie Hoskins [4] Mango
Peggy Ahern [10] Peggie
Jay R. Smith [12] Spec
Scooter Lowry [7] Skooter (unconfirmed)
Mildred Kornman [2] Mildred
Jean Darling [5] Jean (unconfirmed)
Johnny Aber [11] Third Boy Beaten Up
Harry Spear [5] Harry
Jack Hanlon [11] First Boy Beaten Up
Paul Toien [11] Paul
Jean Johnston [11] Girl with Braids
Joseph Metzger [13]