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The NeverEnding Story (TV series)

The Neverending Story: The Animated Adventure (World-wide)

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30 minutes
Animation / Adventure / Fantasy

Young boy Bastian helps yet again the Childlike Empress and her people of Fantasia, an imagination land that can be accessed and influenced through a magic never ending book called The NeverEnding Story, because the horrifying Nothing and other villains still threaten it. In the process, Bastian learns valuable lessons and gains many magical friends. - IMDb

L'histoire sans fin France
La historia interminable Spain
História Interminável Portugal
História sem Fim Brazil
The Neverending Story  
The Neverending Story: The Animated Adventure (World-wide)  
La storia infinita Italy
Die Unendliche Geschichte Germany

Children's Cast:

Dov Tiefenbach [14] Meeka (TV Episode: Spook City) (1995)
Christopher Bell [13] Bastian (TV Episode: The Purple Buffalo) (1995)
Dominic Zamprogna [16] Artreyu (TV Episode: The Belt of Invisibility) (1995)
Gil Filar [9] Additional Voices
Annick Obonsawin [12] Gaya (TV Episode: Spook City) (1995)
Ashley Taylor Additional Voices

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