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Captain Planet and the Planeteers (TV series 1990-1996)

The New Adventures of Captain Planet (USA: fourth season title)

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1990 September, 10
30 minutes
Animation / Adventure / Comedy / Family


Seeing the Earth in its profound environmental peril, Gaia, goddess of the Earth, summons five kids from around the world to become the Planeteers, an opposing force to fight back and educate others in the need to be environmentally responsible. To accomplish that task, each kid is given a magic ring that each has a power of earth, wind, water, fire and heart. When the threat they face is too big for them to face, they can combine and amplify their powers to create Captain Planet, who has the power to stop catastrophic environmental disasters himself, while the Planeteers contribute with the things anyone can and should do to help. - IMDb

A Bolygó kapitánya Hungary
Capitaine Planète France
Capitan Planet e i Planeteers Italy
El Capitán Planeta y los planetarios Spain
El Capitán Planeta (alternative title) Spain
Capitão Planeta Brazil
Capitão Planeta Portugal
Captain Planet Germany
Captain Planet (transliterated title) Greece
Captain Planet (English title) Japan
Captain Planet (short title) Romania
Kapitan Planeta Poland
Kapteeni Planeetta Finland
Kyaputen puranetto Japan
The New Adventures of Captain Planet (fourth season title) USA
Капетан Планета и Планеташи Serbia
Капитан Планета и планетяните (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Команда спасателей Капитана Планеты (Russian title) Soviet Union
キャプテン・プラネット (Japanese title) Japan
地球先鋒隊 Taiwan
地球超人 (alternative title) Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Fred Savage [15] (voice) (TV Episode: The Ark) (1991)
Danica McKellar [17] Lisa (TV Episode: A Formula for Hate) (1992)
Neil Patrick Harris [19] Todd Andrews (TV Episode: A Formula for Hate) (1992)
Anndi McAfee [16] Bitsy Blight (TV Episode: Dirty Politics) (1995)
R.J. Williams [12] Jason (TV Episode: Littlest Planeteer) (1990)
Justin Shenkarow [16] Joey (TV Episode: 101 Mutations) (1996)

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