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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (TV series 1993-1999)

Deep Space Nine (USA: short title)
DS9 (USA: promotional abbreviation)
Star Trek: Deep Space IX (USA: working title)
Star Trek: DS9 (USA: short title)

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1993 January, 3
45 minutes
Action / Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi
Production Company:


The stable wormhole discovered by the Deep Space Nine crew is known to the Bajoran people as the Celestial Temple of their Prophets. Sisko, as discoverer of the wormhole and its inhabitants, is therefore the Emissary of Bajoran prophesy. The wormhole's other end is in the Gamma Quadrant, halfway around the galaxy from Bajor. That section of space is dominated by the malevolent Dominion. The Dominion is led by the Changelings, the race of shapeshifters to which Odo belongs. As of the beginning of the sixth season, Cardassia has joined the Dominion, and together they are waging war on the Federation and their Klingon allies. The war is quickly becoming the most costly war ever for the Federation, and the Deep Space Nine crew must fight to protect their way of life. - IMDb

Deep Space Nine (short title) USA
DS9 (promotional abbreviation) USA
Jornada nas Estrelas: Deep Space Nine Brazil
Jornada nas Estrelas: Deep Space Nine - A Nova Missão (DVD title) Brazil
Star Trek: Deep Space IX (working title) USA
Star Trek: Diastimikos stathmos 9 (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Greece
Star Trek: DS9 (short title) USA
Star Trek: Espacio profundo 9 Spain
Star Trek: Pera apo ta telika synora (video title) Greece
Star Trek: Stacja kosmiczna Poland
Viaje a las estrellas: Espacio profundo 9 Venezuela
Zvezdane staze - Duboki svemir 9 Serbia
Zvjezdane staze: Deep Space Nine Croatia
Σταρ Τρεκ: Διαστημικός σταθμός 9 Greece
Звездный путь: Дальний космос 9 Russia

Children's Cast:

Noley Thornton [11] Taya (TV Episode: Shadowplay) (1994)
Michelle Horn [11] Saghi (TV Episode: Tears of the Prophets) (1998)
Jesse Littlejohn [11] Gabriel (TV Episode: Children of Time) (1997)
Thomas Hobson Young Jake Sisko (TV Episode: Emissary) (1993)
Courtney Peldon [17] Farris (TV Episode: Valiant) (1998)

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