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Still the Beaver (TV series 1983-1989)

The New Leave It to Beaver (USA: new title)
Still the Beaver (United Kingdom)

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1983 March, 19
30 minutes
Comedy / Family

This show is the continuing adventures of the whole gang. Beaver and the gang are all grown up. Beaver is divorced and living with his mom with his 2 sons - Oliver and Kip. Wally has his wife Mary Ellen and daughter and his son Kevin. Eddie Haskell is still around and has his wife Gert and two sons (played by his real-life sons) Eddie Jr. and Freddie. - IMDb

Mein lieber Biber West Germany
The New Leave It to Beaver (new title) USA
Still the Beaver Canada
Still the Beaver Canada
Still the Beaver Ecuador
Still the Beaver Spain
Still the Beaver United Kingdom
Still the Beaver Mexico

Children's Cast:

Chad Allen [11] Doug Williams (TV Episode: Girl Talk) (1985)
Corey Feldman [12] Corey 'Kip' Cleaver (TV Episode: Still the Beaver) (1983)
David Friedman [12] Gladiator #1 (TV Episode: The Gladiators) (1985)
Erika Eleniak [18] Lynn (TV Episode: I Had It All) (1987)
Heather O'Rourke [11] Heather (TV Episode: Bad Poetry) (1986)
Stephen Dorff [12] Tony (TV Episode: The Gladiators) (1985)
Brian Austin Green [13] Jason (TV Episode: Does Not a Woman Make) (1986)
Nicole Eggert [13] Charlene Maitland / Charlene (TV Episode: Dear Pen Pal) (1985)
Billy Jayne [16] Al (TV Episode: Punching In) (1985)
Joaquin Phoenix [15] Kyle Cleaver (TV Episode: Still the New Leave It to Beaver) (1989)
David Wagner Dylan Roberts (TV Episode: Haskells vs. Cleavers) (1984)
Shannen Doherty [14] Laurie (TV Episode: Steppin' Out) (1985)
Giovanni Ribisi [11] Duffy Guthrie (TV Episode: The Terrible Lizards) (1985)
Malachi Pearson [8] Young Wally (6 years) (TV Episode: Darkness on the Edge of Mayfield) (1989)
Dion Zamora Earl (TV Episode: Between Friends) (1987)
Scott Nemes [10] Hubert (TV Episode: Girl Talk) (1984)
Mya Stark [8] Peggy
Damon Hines Marcus Garvey (TV Episode: Still the Beaver) (1983)
Eric Walker [16] Raich (TV Episode: A Farewell to Freddie) (1986)
Candace Hutson [7] Darla (TV Episode: Perfect Harmony) (1987)
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