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A Pig's Tale (Video)

A Pig's Tale (USA)
Summer Camp (USA)

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1994 July, 15
94 minutes
Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Romance


Kids' comedy with all the clichés. Six boys (hero, pudgy, dumb, romeo, etc), reluctantly sent to summer camp, are grouped together in a ramshackle hut, and instantly identified as losers and outcasts by the overconfident camp bullies, who target gorgeous Tiffany (Jakub) as their Lothario's girlfriend. They set out to make everyone's life miserable as they impose their authority on the other kids and ineffective counselors alike. Griff, the good-guy hero, of course has a crush on Tiffany, but hasn't a clue how to approach her. Gradually, the nice guys gain the edge over the bullies, by honest endeavor and standing up for themselves - and in doing so, win over the other kids, even Tiffany. Until the bullies frame them and have them expelled. - IMDb

En grisig historia Sweden
La pandilla de los cerdos Spain
A Pig's Tale USA
Röfitábor Hungary
Summer Camp  
Summer Camp USA
Um Verão Diferente Brazil
История поросенка Russia

Children's Cast:

Lisa Jakub [15] Tiffany
Mike Damus [14] Frank
Andrew Leeds [12] Beckerwood
Chaz Lamar Shepherd [16] Royce
Graham Sack [13] Andy
Olumiji Olawumi [14] Rodman
Rebecca Bacon Kid #1
Marin May [16] Ellen
Andrew Keegan [15] Featured Wolf #1
Jonathan Hilario Griff
Whitney Anderson Jenna