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Boys Will Be Boys (TV)

Boys Will Be Boys (USA)

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1999 February, 24
90 minutes
Comedy / Family
Production Company:


Two young brothers talk their strict father Lloyd Clauswell into allowing them to babysit themselves for the first time while their parents attend a corporate barbecue. As Lloyd vies for a promotion from the eccentric company president Mr. Wellington, Lloyd's nemesis Skip Larue hatches a scheme with his sultry fiancé Patsy to frame Lloyd for embezzlement by hiding stolen cash in the Clauswell home. Beginning with an argument over who is really in charge, Matt and Robbie enlist their friends and nearly destroy the house as they battle for control. But they learn the real meaning of "blood is thicker than water" when they must join forces to stop the evil plans of Skip Larue. Police detective Palladino is left to sort out this mess of who did what to whom and why, as he finds out once and for all that when two brothers are left alone, Boys Will Be Boys. - IMDb

Мэтт и Робби уговаривают своего строгого отца Ллойда Клаусвелла позволить им остаться одним дома, пока он с женой будут на корпоративной вечеринке. На ней Ллойд намерен попытаться получить поддержку своего директора мистера Веллингтона. Но злодей Скип Ларю вместе со своей невестой пытаются подставить Ллойда, спрятав в его доме украденные деньги. Однако, Мэтт и Робби намерены расстроить планы злодеев...

Boys Will Be Boys USA
Chłopcy będą chłopcami Poland
Dos niños y un ladrón Spain
In un mare di guai Italy
Robbie und Matt - Außer Rand und Band West Germany
Rosszcsontok Hungary
Сами в къщи Bulgaria
Хлопці є хлопці Ukraine

Children's Cast:

Steven Hartman [15] Bugsy
Glenndon Chatman [12] Einstein
Drew Winget Robbie Clauswell
Hari Oziol French Boy
James Williams Matt Clauswell
Brian Wagner Eddie