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M jak milosc (TV series)

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2000 November, 4
40 minutes
Drama / Romance / Mystery
Production Company:

When on TV?

9 May, 16:20 TVP Polonia Episode 1578
9 May, 23:10 TVP Polonia Episode 1578
10 May, 19:55 TVP2 Episode 1588
11 May, 19:55 TVP2 Episode 1589

Another story of a big family whose life is full of problems and unexpected changes. Barbara and Lucjan are about 60-years-old. They have three daughters and one son. But the truth is that the oldest one, already married and having two sons (who are twins) is not Lucjan's daughter. When a bad sister-in-law tells her it it's like a storm over the family. And it's only an example taken from a complicated life of the Mostowiaks family. With each new episode (there are more than 200 of them by now) there are more things happening. The Mostowiaks' children know how to make their lives not boring for those who watch. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Maciej Chorzelski [14] Maciek Lubomski (TV Episode: 1.370) (2005)
Julia Wróblewska [10] Zosia (TV Episode: 1.1228) (2008)
Jan Rotowski Dominik (TV Episode: Episode #1.824) (2011)
Filip Ochinski Jarek (TV Episode: Episode #1.926) (2012)
Emilia Dankwa Julka (TV Episode: Episode #1.1101) (2014)
Weronika Wachowska [8] Ania Wojciechowska #2 (TV Episode: 1.1236) (2013)
Iga Krefft [12] Ula / Ula Jakubczyk
Katarzyna Paczynska [8] Kasia (TV Episode: 1.296) (2004)
Klaudia Lepecka [16] Natalia's friend (TV Episode: 1.836) (2011)
Gabriela Pietrucha [15] Gabi

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