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Okragly tydzien

Aka: Eine Woche lang (East Germany)
Director: Tadeusz Kijanski
Year: 1977
Country: Poland
Runtime: 83 minutes

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Children's Cast:

Arkadiusz Jakubik [8] Gustlik

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Posted: 5 May 2018, 16:57
Arkadiusz Jakubik about his tube scene:
"I stood there completely naked. And Mrs. Emilia was washing me, and ... and now! This scene was not in the script. But what is the joyful work on the set. Of course, I fell into hysterics, but I was forced to play anyway. I do not remember whether by asking, by threat or by blackmail. Mrs. Emilia, director Kijański and Kazimierz Kutz, who was the artistic guardian of this "work", wasted my youthful life (laughs). They even shifted the moment of my first time. After the screening, which took place in the "Pionier" cinema before my entire class and was the biggest childhood trauma for me, I became terribly shy. My first serious date was probably in the first class of high school. Besides, I started to lose the castings. I was to play the lead role in the Lesniewski Family, I was a brick favorite. I did not do it and I only played a small role there. I closed myself, and everyone wondered what had happened to this gifted, marvelous Arec, full of charm and personal grace.
Children are ruthless. They called for me "Hey actor, show me a pee". Instead of a hero, I became a laughing stock. I had to change school because I did not cope with "popularity". I began to live again, the matter subsided, until suddenly, in the fifth grade, one Sunday my mother said: "You know, son, that today is your movie on TV at 17.35? I have a surprise for you. I baked a cake, bought ice cream and invitedall your class. " I started to cry and shout, "Why did you do this to me? !!". I was convinced that I would change school again. I ran away from home and spent the whole day in the park, after which I went and shouted: "I will never be an actor!". I returned after midnight.
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