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The 'Human' Factor


Also known as: The Human Factor (USA: alternative spelling)
Director: Edward Dmytryk
Release: 19 Nov 1975
Country: UK
Runtime: 95 minutes
Genre: Drama / Thriller

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John Kinsdale (Academy Award winner George Kennedy, Cool Hand Luke, The Dirty Dozen) is a devout family man working as a NATO computer specialist in Naples, Italy. When political terrorists kill his entire family, John uses his technological prowess to track and hunt down the cold-blooded killers. Trying to prevent him from taking the law into his own hands are a local police inspector (Raf Vallone), a U.S. military commander (Arthur Franz), and peers MacAllister (Sir John Mills) and Janice (Rita Tushingham). But nothing short can prevent John from meting out his bloody brand of grief-stricken revenge. Directed by Edward Dmytyk (The Caine Mutiny, Mirage) and featuring a haunting soundtrack by legendary composer Ennio Morricone, The Human Factor is the violent but emotional saga of an ordinary man pushed beyond the limits. -

Children's Cast:

Danny Huston [13] Mark Kinsdale
Richard Harrison Jeffrey Kinsdale
Hillary Lief Linda Kinsdale
Sharon Kellogg Alice Gerardi
Eugene Wade Rodney Gerardi

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