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The Doctor Takes a Wife

The Doctor Takes a Wife (Australia)

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1940 April, 25
88 minutes
Production Company:


June Cameron has written a best seller about spinsters: women are men's equals and don't need them for fulfillment. Through a series of errors and misunderstandings, the press believes she's married Tim Sterling, a university instructor she's just met. Her publisher wants to let the mistake go uncorrected for a few weeks so she can write a best seller about being married; Tim cooperates because, in hidebound academia, being married may help with a promotion. The flies in the ointment are June and Tim's instant enmity, Tim's stubbornness, and his girlfriend Marilyn, who may not let the charade play out. There's no way everyone can get what they want. - IMDb

Docteur ... marions-nous Belgium
Le docteur se marie France
El Doctor se casa Spain
El Doctor se casa Mexico
The Doctor Takes a Wife Australia
The Doctor Takes a Wife Japan
The Doctor Takes a Wife USA
Dokter ... laat ons trouwen Belgium
Esposa de Mentira Brazil
Hochzeit wider Willen West Germany
Luulevat että olemme naimisissa Finland
Man tror vi är gifta... Sweden
Man tror vi er gift Denmark
Notte bianca Italy
Os Médicos Também Casam Portugal
Женитьба врача Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Henry Blair [9] Boy
Bobby Larson [10] Boy
Dix Davis [13] Boy
Ralph Gilliam [13]
Dorothy Anne Seese [4] Child