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Mazhor v Sochi

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2022 September, 19
109 minutes
Action / Comedy
Production Company:

Moscow with its glossy skyscrapers and busy highways is no longer home for Igor Sokolovsky. He took his daughter Sonya and moved to the picturesque countryside in the south. A cottage in the mountains, steep winding tracks, and a new eco-hotel as a family business - that's what his life is about now. But before the hotel's grand opening everything goes awry. The place gets smashed, then Sokolovsky meets another silver-spooner and steps on the toes of a local power broker who wants to destroy an entire residential area and build a winery there. - IMDb

Mazhor v Sochi West Germany
The Silver Spoon Goes South  
The Silver Spoon Goes South West Germany
The Silver Spoon Goes South  
Silver Spoon in Sochi  
Мажор в Сочи Russia

Children's Cast:

Vitaliya Kornienko [12] Sonya