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Interstellar Ella (TV series)

Interstellar Ella (United Kingdom)

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2022 October, 17

In the distant future, a seven-year-old girl named Ella is gleefully testing her limits in a star-filled playground called 'The Milky Way.' Ella is a bright-eyed girl propelled by curiosity and ambition. She won't stop until she has discovered everything that the universe has to offer. A natural born leader, Ella and her best friends - Slippy (a space native) and Madhu (a space alien) - are discovering exciting new worlds and doing amazing things that nobody else has ever done before like surfing supernovas, riding comets, and racing Moon Scooters around Saturn's rings. - IMDb

Ella das Estrelas Portugal
Interstellaire Ella Canada
Interstellar Ella Canada
Interstellar Ella West Germany
Interstellar Ella United Kingdom

Children's Cast:

Ryan S. Hill Gem