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Moose (TV series)

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2021 December, 1
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Merry Moose recalls the heartwarming holiday adventures of a young boy named Luke and his lovable companion, Moose -who is indeed a (mostly) domesticated moose, antlers, and all. When Luke's family gathers around the tree on Christmas morning, everyone reminisces over the memorable Moose mayhem they've experienced this past year. There was the time when Moose, Luke and his best friend Tyler helped decorate the family home with the hopes of winning a holiday contest, or the time when Moose and Luke found a baby owl in their backyard. Luke's Mom fondly thinks of when Luke and Moose nursed her back to health and Dad reminds everyone how much fun they all had at the family holiday sale. As everyone looks back on fond memories, they all realize how special it is to have Moose as part of the family...even if he does gobble up all of Mom's homemade Christmas cookies. - IMDb

Moose Canada
L'orignal! Canada

Children's Cast:

Ryan S. Hill Luke