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The Dick Powell Show (TV series 1961-1963)

The Dick Powell Theatre (USA: new title)

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1961 September, 26
60 minutes
Comedy / Drama
Production Company:

Powell served as host and, in early shows at least, occasional star in this dramatic anthology. It was his last television series and contained his last filmed acting (episode: 'The Court-Martial of Captain Wycliff'). - IMDb

Dick Powell Spain
Dick Powell esittää Finland
The Dick Powell Theatre (new title) USA
Heute Abend, Dick Powell! Germany
Heute Abend, Dick Powell! West Germany
El Show de Dick Powell Venezuela
Шоу Дика Пауэлла (Russian title) Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Michael-James Wixted Timothy Waters (TV Episode: The Fifth Caller) (1961)
Veronica Cartwright [14] (TV Episode: The Third Side of a Coin) (1963)
Bill Mumy [8] Larry (TV Episode: Obituary for Mr.X) (1962)
Johnny Crawford [17] Pete Johnson (TV Episode: Apples Don't Fall Far) (1963)
Kurt Russell [11] Boy / Vernon (TV Episode: Pericles on 31st Street) (1962)
Donald Losby [12] John Kent (TV Episode: The Third Side of a Coin) (1963)
Peter Lazer [16] Davey Jacobs (TV Episode: Tomorrow, the Man) (1962)
Morgan Brittany [12] (TV Episode: The Third Side of a Coin) (1963)
Rich Correll [14] (TV Episode: Tomorrow, the Man) (1962)
Gina Gillespie [11] Eugenia (TV Episode: Special Assignment) (1962)

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