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The Rookies (TV series 1972-1976)

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1972 March, 7
60 minutes
Crime / Drama
Production Company:


The exploits of three rookie police officers in a large unnamed Southern California city are followed in this weekly series. Mike Danko is a married former marine, Willie Gillis is a recent college graduate and Terry Webster joined the police as part of a special minority recruitment plan. Their supervisor is Lt. Eddie Riker and Jill is Mike's worried wife who works as a nurse at the local hospital. - IMDb

California Cops West Germany
Neu im Einsatz Germany
Neu im Einsatz West Germany
Los novatos Venezuela
Os Novatos Brazil
Los patrulleros Spain
Die Rookies West Germany
A Tutte le auto della polizia Italy

Children's Cast:

Michael-James Wixted [12] Jimmy (TV Episode: The Wheel of Death) (1973)
Alexa Kenin [13] Little Girl (TV Episode: The Hunting Ground) (1975)
Matthew Labyorteaux [9] Jody Gifford (TV Episode: Lamb to the Slaughter) (1975)
Scott Jacoby [17] Frankie / Tim Halley (TV Episode: Frozen Smoke) (1973)
Radames Pera [13] Mickey (TV Episode: Tarnished Idol) (1973)
Christian Juttner [10] Todd Page (TV Episode: Legacy of Death) (1974)
Patti Cohoon-Friedman [14] Martha Young (TV Episode: Prayers Unanswered, Prayers Unheard) (1973)
Clint Howard [14] Dennis Palmer (TV Episode: Crossfire) (1973)
Stephen Manley [9] Lembo's Son (TV Episode: An Ugly Way to Die) (1974)

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