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Kraft Television Theatre (TV series 1947-1958)

Kraft Mystery Theatre (USA: new title)
Kraft Theatre (USA: new title)

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1947 May, 7
60 minutes

A well-received anthology series presenting live television dramas. - IMDb

Kraft Mystery Theatre (new title) USA
Kraft Television Theatre South Africa
Kraft Theatre (new title) USA
Teatro Kraft Venezuela
クラフト・テレビジョン・シアター Japan

Children's Cast:

Patty McCormack [8] Jeannie Bowers (TV Episode: Quite a Guy) (1953)
Natalie Wood [13] Becky Thatcher (TV Episode: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer) (1951)
Tommy Rettig [8] Huckleberry Finn (TV Episode: Seen But Not Heard) (1949)
Robin Morgan [12] Alice (TV Episode: Alice in Wonderland) (1954)
Tim Hovey [13] Jeff Hillyer (TV Episode: Material Witness) (1958)
Lydia Reed [10] (TV Episode: The Atherton Boy) (1954)
Kevin Coughlin [11] Johnny (TV Episode: The Life of Mickey Mantle) (1956)
Patty Duke [11] Roberta / Betty (TV Episode: The Glass Wall) (1957)
Peter Lazer [10] Ciske / Steven (TV Episode: Time Lock) (1956)
Ronnie Welsh [15] Paul Sloane (TV Episode: Patterns) (1955)
Charles Taylor [11] (TV Episode: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer) (1951)
Tommy Tucker [14] (TV Episode: The First Year) (1947)