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Schlitz Playhouse of Stars (TV series 1951-1959)

Herald Playhouse (USA: syndication title)
The Playhouse (USA: syndication title)
Schlitz Playhouse (USA: new title)

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1951 October, 5
30 minutes
Comedy / Drama
Production Company:

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Herald Playhouse (syndication title) USA
The Playhouse (syndication title) USA
Schlitz Playhouse (new title) USA
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars West Germany
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars Spain
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars France
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars Japan
Театр звезд Шлица Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Christopher Olsen [8] Jimmy (TV Episode: Spangal Island) (1954)
Bobby Driscoll [15] (TV Episode: Early Space Conquerors) (1952)
Rudy Lee (TV Episode: Kinsman) (1953)
Sandy Descher [12] (TV Episode: The Dead Are Silent) (1957)
Norman Ollestad [17] (TV Episode: I Want to Be a Movie Star) (1952)
Anthony Sydes [14] Joey Gates (TV Episode: The Schoolmarm) (1955)
Tommy Rettig [14] John Kelly (TV Episode: Mr. Ears) (1955)
Christian Pasques [11] (TV Episode: Nineteen Rue Marie) (1953)
Nadine Ashdown [9] Marie Howard (TV Episode: Four Things He'd Do) (1954)
Cheryl Callaway [6] Mona (TV Episode: Appointment with the Past) (1952)
Mimi Gibson [6] (TV Episode: Day of Good News) (1954)
Lee Aaker [11] Tim (TV Episode: Pearl-Handled Guns) (1954)
Tim Hovey [14] Timmy Parker (TV Episode: Ivy League) (1959)
Michael Winkelman [9] Jimmy Quinlin / Joey Harlow (TV Episode: Fast Break) (1955)
Linda Bennett [14] (TV Episode: Fool Proof) (1956)
Teddy Infuhr [16] - Early Space Conquerors (TV Episode: Early Space Conquerors) (1952)
Gordon Gebert [16] (TV Episode: Hey, Mac) (1957)
Richard Eyer [7] Stephen (TV Episode: Enchanted Evening) (1952)
Tiger Fafara [9] (TV Episode: The Plugged Nickel) (1954)
Andrés Velázquez (TV Episode: This Plane for Hire) (1952)
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