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Schlitz Playhouse of Stars (TV series 1951-1959)

Herald Playhouse (USA: syndication title)
The Playhouse (USA: syndication title)
Schlitz Playhouse (USA: new title)

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1951 October, 5
30 minutes
Comedy / Drama
Production Company:

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Herald Playhouse (syndication title) USA
The Playhouse (syndication title) USA
Schlitz Playhouse (new title) USA

Children's Cast:

Christopher Olsen [8] Jimmy (TV Episode: Spangal Island) (1954)
Bobby Driscoll [15] (TV Episode: Early Space Conquerors) (1952)
Rudy Lee (TV Episode: Kinsman) (1953)
Sandy Descher [12] (TV Episode: The Dead Are Silent) (1957)
Norman Ollestad [17] (TV Episode: I Want to Be a Movie Star) (1952)
Anthony Sydes [14] Joey Gates (TV Episode: The Schoolmarm) (1955)
Tommy Rettig [14] John Kelly (TV Episode: Mr. Ears) (1955)
Christian Pasques [11] (TV Episode: Nineteen Rue Marie) (1953)
Nadine Ashdown [9] Marie Howard (TV Episode: Four Things He'd Do) (1954)
Cheryl Callaway [6] Mona (TV Episode: Appointment with the Past) (1952)
Mimi Gibson [6] (TV Episode: Day of Good News) (1954)
Lee Aaker [11] Tim (TV Episode: Pearl-Handled Guns) (1954)
Tim Hovey [14] Timmy Parker (TV Episode: Ivy League) (1959)
Michael Winkelman [9] Jimmy Quinlin / Joey Harlow (TV Episode: Fast Break) (1955)
Linda Bennett [14] (TV Episode: Fool Proof) (1956)
Teddy Infuhr [16] - Early Space Conquerors (TV Episode: Early Space Conquerors) (1952)
Gordon Gebert [16] (TV Episode: Hey, Mac) (1957)
Richard Eyer [7] Stephen (TV Episode: Enchanted Evening) (1952)
Tiger Fafara [9] (TV Episode: The Plugged Nickel) (1954)
Andrés Velázquez (TV Episode: This Plane for Hire) (1952)
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