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At Gunpoint

Gun Point (USA: working title)
Gunpoint! (UK)

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1955 December, 25
81 minutes
Production Company:

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The Dennis gang wants to rob the bank of the sleepy peaceful town of Plainview, Texas. Small town banks like this one have less money than large city banks but they're easy prey. Barlow, the gang's contact in town, assures them that Plainview only has an old marshal, Pete MacKay, who shouldn't pose any problem. The gang heads to Plainview. In town, storekeeper Jack Wright runs his store with wife Martha and brother-in-law Wally. Marshal MacKay and doctor Lacey are playing chess inside the store. Jack Wright makes his daily deposit at the bank and then returns to the store. The Dennis gang arrives and robs the bank, killing a teller and the alerted marshal. In the street, storekeeper Jack Wright picks the dead marshal's gun up and shoots fleeing robber Alvin Dennis, from a great distance. Townsman George Henderson finishes Alvin off with a shotgun. The bandit drops the loot and the bank recovers it. The townsfolk proclaim Jack Wright and George Henderson to be heroes. Storekeeper Jack Wright assures everyone that his shot from afar was a lucky one and that he's no marksman but no one believes him. His feat of marksmanship reaches the newspapers. The Amarillo Express praises Jack Wright and George Henderson and details the foiled bank robbery story. Incensed, the Dennis gang decides to return to town and avenge Alvin Dennis' death. The two town heroes are now in mortal danger. Upon hearing rumors about the gang's return, the town-folk panic, hide and refuse to be seen with either Jack or George. Instead of showing support for the two heroes, the citizens' committee advises Jack to sell his store and leave town for good. Jack refuses to run and gets ready for the imminent showdown with the Dennis gang. - IMDb

Миролюбивый городок на Диком Западе. А самый миролюбивый в нем, это владелец магазина сладостей, который живет со своей женой и сыном, и миролюбивый покой которого нарушают только мальчишки. Они, пользуясь дружбой с сыном Джека Райта Билли, частенько заскакивают в магазин, чтобы получить конфету от доброго и миролюбивого хозяина. И тут случается из ряда вон выходящее событие: на банк этого городка нападает банда грабителей банков. Но отважному и миролюбивому Джеку Райту удается убить одного из грабителей. Да и другой горожанин показал себя с боевой стороны. Кажется, все хорошо. Можно было бы и дальше Джеку Райту жить в атмосфере благополучия и любви своей жены и своего сына, но банда начинает мстить всем, кто помешал им тоже приобрести свое счастье и благополучие при ограблении банка…

Ameaça de Morte Portugal
Así mueren los valientes Spain
A Bout portant (French title) Belgium
Buiten loert de dood (theatrical title) Netherlands
Cu arma-n piept Romania
Le doigt sur la gâchette (French title) Canada
Le doigt sur la gâchette France
Den finger am Abzug (TV title) Germany
Fotia kai sidero (transliterated title) Greece
Gun Point (working title) USA
Gunpoint Italy
Gunpoint! (English title) Ireland
Gunpoint! UK
In Acht und Bann West Germany
Het laatste schot (Flemish title) Belgium
De Laglösa Sweden
A Mancha de Sangue Brazil
Na nišanu (Serbian title) Yugoslavia
Oppgjøret Norway
På skudhold Denmark
Ta 12 pistolia (reissue title) Greece
Uhkaavat aseet Finland
Под дулом пистолета Russia
襲われた町 (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Tommy Rettig [14] Billy Wright
Mimi Gibson [7] Cynthia Clark
Stephen Wootton [10] Joey Clark
Kim Charney [10] Eddie Ferguson

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