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All That (TV series 1994-2005)

All That (United Kingdom)

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1994 April, 16
30 minutes
Comedy / Music

A combination sketch comedy/musical performance show in the tradition of "Saturday Night Live," this program starred a teenage cast and was targeted at younger viewers. The show featured a number of repeating characters, including Baggin' Saggin' Barry, Super Dude, and the misfit fast food employees of Good Burger, which spawned a movie of the same name. - IMDb

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Children's Cast:

Daryl Sabara [10] Spy Kids (TV Episode: Knubby McFarlin) (2002)
Houston Mack [14] Paper Boy (TV Episode: R U All That?: Nickelodeon's Search for the Funniest Kid in America) (2003)
Larisa Oleynik [14] Alex Sax (TV Episode: Larisa Oleynik/Da Brat) (1995)
Alexa PenaVega [14] Spy Kids (TV Episode: Knubby McFarlin) (2002)
Danny Tamberelli [15] Various (TV Episode: Britney Spears) (1997)
Travis Tedford [14] Young Knubby (TV Episode: Knubby McFarlin) (2002)
Shad Moss [17] Musical Guest (TV Episode: Bow Wow) (2004)
Brittany Snow [8] Special Guest (TV Episode: Wakefield)
Kenan Thompson [16] Various / Regular Performer / Mavis (TV Episode: Kenan Thompson/LFO) (1994)
Kyle Sullivan [12] Regular Performer / Various / Performer / ... (TV Episode: American Hi-Fi) (2000)
Denzel Whitaker [14] Various / Regular Performer (TV Episode: American Hi-Fi) (2004)
Adam Cagley [12] Cecil (TV Episode: Third Eye Blind) (2003)
Zachary McLemore [13] Manager (TV Episode: Wyclef Jean) (1997)
Joshua Miller [2] Boy / Little Brother / Kid - Little Princess (TV Episode: Where Will Shane Land) (1994)
Christina Kirkman [10] Regular Performer / Various / Performer (TV Episode: American Hi-Fi) (2003)
Little JJ [4] Guest star (TV Episode: Brooke Valentine) (1994)
Aria Brooks Various
Leon Frierson [11] Various
Amanda Bynes [16] Regular Performer / Various
Noah Rico Alex