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How's My Driving

How's My Driving (USA)

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2004 September, 4
29 minutes
Drama / Short
$ 100 000

On a remote highway threading between Colorado and New Mexico, Adrian Kennet, a mysterious truck driver, makes his daily haul. With the ever changing landscape his only companion, Adrian seems at home in his solitude. But when he nearly causes a collision with Charles Fisk, an uptight health inspector, his job hangs in the balance as Charles crusades to have him fired. Fearing the worst, Adrian continues his deliveries under a cloud of dread. As he interacts with a wealth of eccentric folks along the way, he reveals that there is more to him than meets the eye and more to his eyes than we could imagine. Behind them lurk an abandoned past and a visionary gift, that had instead become a curse. But it is only through Charles' vendetta that Adrian realizes the authenticity of the life he left behind and that sometimes the farthest you've been, is back to where you began. - IMDb

How's My Driving USA

Children's Cast:

Houston Mack [14] Bully