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Happy Land

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1943 November, 10
73 minutes
Drama / Romance / War
Production Company:

In a typical American Midwestern city, Hartfield, Iowa, Lew Marsh (Don Ameche) is the owner of a drugstore. Everyone knows Lew and knew his grandfather, old "Gramp" Marsh (Harry Carey), who had passed on. One evening, Lew and his wife, Agnes (Frances Dee), reminisce lovingly about their son, "Rusty" (Richard Crane), when a telegram arrive from the Navy Department informing them that "Rusty" had been killed in action. Lew becomes bitter, avoids people, refuses to go near the family drugstore. "Gramp" appears before Lew and takes him in hand and together, they revisit the past: Lew's childhood; "Gramp" as a Civil War veteran; Lew's courtship of Agnes; the birth of "Rusty"; Lew as a WW! soldier; Rusty's boyhood days and into his attempt to decide between Lenore Prentiss and Gretchen Barry, and how Lenore becomes his bride just before he joins the Navy. This excursion into the past takes away Lew's bitterness and he now sees what America means. - IMDb

Filho Querido Brazil
Hans lyckliga ungdom Sweden
O Filho Pródigo (alternative title) Brazil
Sucedió en mi pueblo Mexico
Terra Sagrada Portugal

Children's Cast:

Natalie Wood [5] Little Girl Who Drops Ice Cream Cone
Juanita Quigley [12] Sally Pierce
Larry Olsen [5] Rusty - Age 5
Darla Hood [12] Lenore Prentiss - Age 12
Ned Dobson Jr. Jackie
Georgie Nokes [7]
June Preston [14] Mrs. Prentiss daughter

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