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The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse (TV series 1953-1955)

Also known as: Action Tonight (USA: syndication title)
Director: Herschel Daugherty, John English, Richard Irving ... more
Release: 2 Oct 1953
Country: USA
Runtime: 30 minutes
Genre: Drama

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Children's Cast:

Bobby Clark [11] (TV Episode: The Nightingale) (1955)
Natalie Wood [16] Monica (TV Episode: Playmates) (1954)
Sandy Descher [9] (TV Episode: Sal) (1954)
Tommy Rettig [13] Johnny (TV Episode: Long, Long Ago) (1954)
Nadine Ashdown [9] (TV Episode: Bachelor's Week-end) (1954)
Mimi Gibson [7] Kathy Gardner (TV Episode: And Never Come Back) (1955)
Gordon Gebert [13] Phil (TV Episode: A Mansion for Jimmy) (1954)
Richard Eyer [9] Pete (TV Episode: The Woman on the Bus) (1954)
Peter J. Votrian [13] Paul (TV Episode: The House on Judas Street) (1955)
Kim Charney [9] Son (TV Episode: Terror Train) (1954)
Brad Morrow [12] (TV Episode: Bachelor's Week-end) (1954)
Gary Hunley [6] (TV Episode: Santa's Old Suit) (1954)
Robert Hyatt [16] (TV Episode: Mr. Donald Takes a Risk) (1955)

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