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Four Star Playhouse (TV series 1952-1956)

Charles Boyer Stars (USA: rerun title)
Dick Powell Presents (USA: rerun title)
Four Star Playhouse (USA)
Four Star Theatre (United Kingdom: new title)
Golden Playhouse (USA: rerun title)
Presenting Charles Boyer (USA: rerun title)
Presenting David Niven (USA: rerun title)
Presenting Dick Powell (USA: rerun title)
Presenting Ida Lupino (USA: rerun title)
Star Performance (USA: rerun title)
Thursday Matinee (Australia: rerun title)
Tuesday Matinee (Australia: rerun title)
Wednesday Matinee (Australia: rerun title)

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1952 September, 25
30 minutes
Comedy / Drama
Production Company:


This show featured four rotating stars, Charles Boyer, David Niven, Ida Lupino and Dick Powell in individual episodes consisting of everything from comedy to drama. - IMDb

Aitiopaikka Finland
Charles Boyer Stars (rerun title) USA
Dick Powell Presents (rerun title) USA
Four Star Playhouse Canada
Four Star Playhouse West Germany
Four Star Playhouse Italy
Four Star Playhouse USA
Four Star Theatre (new title) United Kingdom
Golden Playhouse (rerun title) USA
Presenting Charles Boyer (rerun title) USA
Presenting David Niven (rerun title) USA
Presenting Dick Powell (rerun title) USA
Presenting Ida Lupino (rerun title) USA
Star Performance (rerun title) USA
Thursday Matinee (rerun title) Australia
Tuesday Matinee (rerun title) Australia
Wednesday Matinee (rerun title) Australia

Children's Cast:

Christopher Olsen [8] Steve / Mattie Hepburn (TV Episode: Detective's Holiday) (1954)
Natalie Wood [17] Louise (TV Episode: The Wild Bunch) (1955)
Tommy Rettig [12] Tommy (TV Episode: No Identity) (1953)
Nadine Ashdown [9] Patty (TV Episode: Vote of Confidence) (1954)
Mimi Gibson [7] Julie (TV Episode: Night at Lark Cottage) (1955)
Gigi Perreau [14] Carlotta (TV Episode: The Wild Bunch) (1955)
Rusty Hamer [7] Dickie (TV Episode: Vote of Confidence) (1954)
Tiger Fafara [9] Fourth Street Kid / John Hepburn (TV Episode: Detective's Holiday) (1954)
Ray Ferrell [5] Danny, Jr. (TV Episode: The Gun) (1954)
Lonnie Thomas [5] Jean (TV Episode: The Officer and the Lady) (1952)
Peter J. Votrian [11] Freddie Hodges (TV Episode: A Place of His Own) (1953)
Peter Reynolds [14] Danny (TV Episode: The Man in the Cellar) (1954)
Jimmy Baird [10] Boy / Charles (TV Episode: With All My Heart) (1955)
Gregory Marshall [15] Second Boy (TV Episode: The Bomb) (1954)
Barry Curtis [11] First Boy (TV Episode: The Bomb) (1954)
Beverly Washburn [11] Jill / Janet (TV Episode: The Man in the Cellar) (1954)
Donald MacDonald Neighborhood Boy (TV Episode: A Place of His Own) (1953)
B.G. Norman [15] David (TV Episode: The Wild Bunch) (1955)
Lee Erickson Johnny (TV Episode: The Gun) (1954)
Tommy Duran [8] Joey (TV Episode: With All My Heart) (1955)
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