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Tales of Wells Fargo (TV series 1957-1962)

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1957 March, 18
60 minutes

Agent Jim Hardie shifts over its history from being mostly an agent helping Wells Fargo cope with badguys to being the owner of a ranch near San Francisco who still does some agent work. - IMDb

Calibre 44 Spain
Wells Fargo West Germany
Wells Fargo Argentina
Wells Fargo Germany
拳銃街道 (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Johnny Crawford [12] Tommy Peel (TV Episode: The Dealer) (1958)
Bobby Clark [13] Dan Simmons (TV Episode: Stage to Nowhere) (1957)
Patty Ann Gerrity [12] Inger (TV Episode: Cole Younger) (1960)
Cheryl Callaway [11] Abby Turner (TV Episode: The Lynching) (1957)
Mimi Gibson [11] Julie (TV Episode: Return of Doc Bell) (1959)
Jennie Lynn [9] Child / Nell (TV Episode: Gunman's Revenge) (1961)
Bryan Russell [9] Jody / Pete Bridger (TV Episode: Moment of Glory) (1961)
Rickey Murray [14] School Boy #2 (TV Episode: Scapegoat) (1958)
Kim Charney [14] Jody Rawlins (TV Episode: Double Reverse) (1959)
Brad Morrow [15] Jimmy Kramer / Jason Craig (TV Episode: A Time to Kill) (1957)
Dennis Holmes [9] Frank Brown (TV Episode: The Branding Iron) (1959)
Scotty Morrow [15] Joey Thornton (TV Episode: Kelly's Clover Girls) (1961)
Ricky Klein School Boy #1 (TV Episode: Scapegoat) (1958)
Michael Burns [13] Billy Matson (TV Episode: Frightened Witness) (1960)
Paul Engle [9] Danny Stiles / Billy Burns (TV Episode: The Witness) (1957)
Gabrielle des Enfants [9] Kathy (TV Episode: The Angry Sky) (1962)
Bernadette Withers [12] Jenny Benson (TV Episode: The Happy Tree) (1958)
Jimmie Lee Gaines [6] Burt (TV Episode: Gunman's Revenge) (1961)
Terry Burnham [10] Josie Brown (TV Episode: The Branding Iron) (1959)
Gina Gillespie [10] Cindy Croydon / Carol Butler (TV Episode: Prince Jim) (1961)