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Tales of Wells Fargo (TV series 1957-1962)

Tales of Wells Fargo (USA)

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1957 March, 18
60 minutes

Agent Jim Hardie shifts over its history from being mostly an agent helping Wells Fargo cope with badguys to being the owner of a ranch near San Francisco who still does some agent work. - IMDb

Calibre 44 Spain
Tales of Wells Fargo USA
Tales of Wells Fargo Singapore
Tales of Wells Fargo United Kingdom
Tales of Wells Fargo Canada
Tales of Wells Fargo Canada
Tales of Wells Fargo Ecuador
Wells Fargo Argentina
Wells Fargo West Germany
Wells Fargo West Germany
Истории Уэллс-Фарго Soviet Union
拳銃街道 Japan

Children's Cast:

Johnny Crawford [12] Tommy Peel (TV Episode: The Dealer) (1958)
Bobby Clark [13] Dan Simmons (TV Episode: Stage to Nowhere) (1957)
Patty Ann Gerrity [12] Inger (TV Episode: Cole Younger) (1960)
Cheryl Callaway [11] Abby Turner (TV Episode: The Lynching) (1957)
Mimi Gibson [11] Julie (TV Episode: Return of Doc Bell) (1959)
Jennie Lynn [9] Child / Nell (TV Episode: Gunman's Revenge) (1961)
Bryan Russell [9] Jody / Pete Bridger (TV Episode: Moment of Glory) (1961)
Rickey Murray [14] School Boy #2 (TV Episode: Scapegoat) (1958)
Kim Charney [14] Jody Rawlins (TV Episode: Double Reverse) (1959)
Brad Morrow [15] Jimmy Kramer / Jason Craig (TV Episode: A Time to Kill) (1957)
Dennis Holmes [9] Frank Brown (TV Episode: The Branding Iron) (1959)
Scotty Morrow [15] Joey Thornton (TV Episode: Kelly's Clover Girls) (1961)
Ricky Klein School Boy #1 (TV Episode: Scapegoat) (1958)
Michael Burns [13] Billy Matson (TV Episode: Frightened Witness) (1960)
Paul Engle [9] Danny Stiles / Billy Burns (TV Episode: The Witness) (1957)
Gabrielle des Enfants [9] Kathy (TV Episode: The Angry Sky) (1962)
Bernadette Withers [12] Jenny Benson (TV Episode: The Happy Tree) (1958)
Jimmie Lee Gaines [6] Burt (TV Episode: Gunman's Revenge) (1961)
Terry Burnham [10] Josie Brown (TV Episode: The Branding Iron) (1959)
Gina Gillespie [10] Cindy Croydon / Carol Butler (TV Episode: Prince Jim) (1961)