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Forsthaus Falkenau (TV series)

Aka: Gozdarska hisa Falkenau (Slovenia)
Director: Andreas Drost, Klaus Grabowsky, Helmut Ashley ... more
Year: 1989
Country: West Germany
Runtime: 90 minutes
Genre: Drama / Family
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18 Aug, 06:15
19 Aug, 10:15
19 Aug, 18:25
19 Aug, 22:30

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Bavarian forestry station ('Forsthaus') Falkenau in Küblach is the professional base and home of the town's forester, whose job proves crucial for conservation but also for safety, local economy and even social cohesion. Later Falkenau is moved to another Bavarian forest town, Störing, where forester Stefan Leitner also sets up a nature reserve. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Leonie Brill [14] Anna Gebauer (TV Episode: Im Sumpf) (2011)
Severin Sonntag [17] Kai Eckert (TV Episode: Heilungsprozesse) (2012)
Constantin Gastmann [13] David / David Simmering (TV Episode: Schuldgefühle) (2003)
Ella Risin [14] Ella Wertmann (TV Episode: Schürfwunde) (2003)
Roland Schreglmann [12] Franz Gassner / Franz 'Franzl' Gassner / Mitschüler (TV Episode: Belastungsprobe) (2000)
Sarah Beck [16] (TV Episode: Verbockt) (2008)
Simon Beckord [15] Tobias / Tobias 'Tobi' / Marc (TV Episode: Hitzewelle) (2004)
Marian Lösch [14] Freund (TV Episode: Florian macht Ärger) (2004)
Pamela Marquardt [12] Evelyn / Schulfreundin (TV Episode: Ölfieber in Küblach) (2005)
David Cesmeci [17] Benno (TV Episode: Lebensräume) (1995)

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