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The Fallen Curtain

The Fallen Curtain (United Kingdom)

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1999 August, 6
United Kingdom
60 minutes
Crime / Drama / Mystery

When Richard was 8 years old, he disappeared for several hours leading to panic at home and a frantic search by the police. When he turns up unhurt everything is fine until he mentions he went for a ride with a man in his car. His mother assumes he was molested, even though there is no physical evidence to corroborate that. By the time he is 18, Richard is haunted by those events, even though he still remembers nothing. When he visits the site where his troubles all began and sees a young boy playing there, he invites the lad to go for a ride in his car. Slowly, he begins to recall the events of that fateful day - IMDb

The Fallen Curtain United Kingdom

Children's Cast:

Nicholas Hoult [9] Barry