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Dva (TV series)

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2021 December, 23
92 minutes
Production Company:

A series of comedy sketches about two plumber friends trying to get rich. In each episode, Lyokha, who is used to doing first and then thinking, creates a new plan of how to become a millionaire, and Zheka, taciturn, modest and cowardly, tries unsuccessfully to get away from his friend's new adventure, because he knows: it will not end well. But Zheka has a personal motivator - her eternally disgruntled wife Natalya. She constantly needs money, she skillfully manipulates her husband - he has no chance to refuse. Every business that promises easy money to partners turns into a complete failure. And only Lyokha's greed and Zheka's simple-minded gullibility make them return to the criminal world again and again. The heroes of the series will face serious tests, thanks to which they will be able to test their strength of character, courage and friendship. - IMDb

«Два» — это серия комедийных скетчей о двух друзьях сантехниках, пытающихся разбогатеть. Каждое дело, сулящее напарникам лёгкие деньги, оборачивается полным провалом. И только жадность Лёхи, и простодушная доверчивость Жеки заставляют их снова и снова возвращаться в криминальный мир. Герои сериала столкнутся с серьезными испытаниями, благодаря которым смогут проверить силу характера, мужество и дружбу.

Два Russia

Children's Cast:

Andrey Titchenko [10] Vitalik