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Doctors (TV series)

Doctors (Australia)

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2000 March, 26
United Kingdom
30 minutes

The daily lives of staff at a Birmingham medical practice, including their often dramatic involvements with their patients. - IMDb

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Children's Cast:

Barney Clark [15] Michael Morgan (TV Episode: Ready or Not?) (2008)
Amber Beattie [16] Sarah Denton (TV Episode: Defining Happy) (2009)
Heather Cameron-McLintock [17] Tami Hanson (TV Episode: I'll Keep Holding On) (2009)
Nicholas Hoult [12] Conor Finch (TV Episode: Unfinished Business) (2001)
Liam Hess [11] Tom Bolton (TV Episode: The Dragon) (2003)
Yasmin Paige [13] Kerry Barclay (TV Episode: Look Both Ways) (2004)
Yasmin Murphy Ella Reed (TV Episode: Nobody's Perfect) (2006)
Skye Bennett [12] Harley Devlin / Catriona Morbrook / Evie Cothey / ... (TV Episode: A Precautionary Tale) (2007)
Tommy Knight [13] Nathan Williams / Kevin Dobson (TV Episode: Fighting Talk) (2006)
Mykola Allen Darren Harland / Joe Tyler (TV Episode: Personal Services) (2005)
Finn Atkins [16] Sophie Wakefield / Jeni Longley / Penny Harvey / ... (TV Episode: Iron Man) (2005)
Julia Joyce [11] Alice Rose (TV Episode: Once Upon a Time) (2009)
Jake Young Marvin Porter (TV Episode: He's My Son Too) (2005)
Jessica Mullins Willow Frances Ellen (TV Episode: The Girl Who Came Back) (2005)
Jack O'Connell [15] Connor Yates (TV Episode: Like Father, Like Son) (2005)
Pax Baldwin [17] Neil Hayes / Ben Morton / Bradley Finch (TV Episode: All in a Name) (2008)
Charlotte Beaumont Daisy Wakefield (TV Episode: Hanging On) (2010)
Clem Tibber [10] Luke (TV Episode: What He Wanted) (2004)
Joseph Friend James McCallen (TV Episode: Best Days of Your Life) (2007)
Mia McKenna-Bruce [12] Pearl Snow (TV Episode: Tempt Not a Desperate Man) (2009)
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