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Radiant City (TV)

Radiant City (USA)

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1996 March, 31
96 minutes

This movie is about life in the projects circa 1958: Driven to the brink by her overworked and unsensitive husband and horrendously selfish children, Brooklyn-based housewife Gloria Goodman (Kirstie Alley) seeks a meaning to life. Suddenly, she meets Bert Kramer (Gil Bellows), a hipper-than-thou young writer, who shows her a new view on life... and also the possibility of a passionate romance... Will she be seduced or will she find her own path in life? Or maybe both? - IMDb

Lököttek háza Hungary
Radiant City USA
Uma Vida Melhor Brazil
Сияющий город Russia

Children's Cast:

Dov Tiefenbach [14] Joel
Adam Lamberg [11] Stewie Goodman
John E. Campbell Sheldon
Michael Vollans Butch