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One Mad Kiss

One Mad Kiss (USA)

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1930 July, 13
64 minutes
Musical / Romance
Production Company:

Estrada, the chief government official of the region, has put a price on the head of José Savedra for causing the local people to rebel against his tax collectors. Dancer Rosario Montes also thinks that the tax levied against her "Fandango Café" is excessive and is not inclined to pay. With typical bravura, José posts notices all over the town that, on his next visit to the cafe, he will kiss Rosario on the lips. With Estrada and the local police present, the intrepid joker, disguised as a waiter, fulfills his boast. Realizing that there is a relationship between José and Rosario, Estrada writes a note to José in Rosario's name, arranging a rendezvous at her house, and arrests him when he keeps the appointment. When Rosario discovers Estrada's trick, she pretends to dislike José and obtains permission from Estrada to repay the affront of José's kiss with her own traitor's kiss. However, Rosario takes advantage of her visit to José's cell to pass him a pistol, which he uses to secure his freedom. As Rosario and José escape on horseback, the governor of the territory arrests Estrada, charging him with abuse of power. - IMDb

Briganti Hungary
Loucura de um Beijo Portugal
Loucuras de um Beijo Brazil
One Mad Kiss USA
Il prezzo di un bacio Italy
Prisen for et Kys Denmark
Le prix d'un baiser France
Strastveni poljubac (literal title) Yugoslavia
Suutelon hinta Finland
ワン・マッド・キス Japan

Children's Cast:

Frankie Genardi [8]