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Miracle on 34th Street

The Big Heart (USA: original script title)
Christmas Miracle on 34th Street (USA)
It's Only Human (USA)
Miracle on 34th Street (United Kingdom)

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1947 June, 4
96 minutes
Comedy / Drama / Family
Production Company:


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At the Macy's Department Store Thanksgiving Day parade, the actor playing Santa is discovered to be drunk by a whiskered old man. Doris Walker, the no nonsense special events director, persuades the old man to take his place. The old man proves to be a sensation and is quickly recruited to be the store Santa at the main Macy's outlet. While he is successful, Ms. Walker learns that he calls himself Kris Kringle and he claims to be the actual Santa Claus. Despite reassurances by Kringle's doctor that he is harmless, Doris still has misgivings, especially when she has cynically trained herself, and especially her daughter, Susan, to reject all notions of belief and fantasy. And yet, people, especially Susan, begin to notice there is something special about Kris and his determination to advance the true spirit of Christmas amidst the rampant commercialism around him and succeeding in improbable ways. When a raucous conflict with the store's cruelly incompetent psychologist erupts, Kris finds himself held at Bellevue where, in despair, he deliberates fails a mental examination to ensure his commitment. All seems lost until Doris' friend, Fred Gaily, reassure Kris of his worth and agrees to represent him in the fight to secure his release. To achieve that, Fred arranges a formal hearing in which he argues that Kris is sane because he is in fact Santa Claus. What ensues is a bizarre hearing in which people's beliefs are reexamined and put to the test, but even so, it's going to take a miracle for Kris to win. - IMDb

34街的奇蹟 Taiwan
The Big Heart (original script title) USA
The Big Heart (premiere title) United Kingdom
Christmas Miracle on 34th Street USA
Csoda a 34. utcában Hungary
Cud na 34. ulicy Poland
Čudež na 34. ulici Slovenia
Čudo u 34. ulici Yugoslavia
Čudo u 34. ulici Croatia
Det hände i New York Sweden
Ihme 34. kadulla Finland
De Ilusão Também se Vive Brazil
De Ilusão Também Se Vive Portugal
De Ilusión también se vive Spain
De Ilusión también se vive Argentina
De Ilusión también se vive Mexico
It's Only Human USA
Men så kom posten Norway
Milagre na Rua 34 Brazil
Milagro en la calle 34 Chile
Milagro en la Calle 34 Venezuela
Milagro en la calle 34 (dubbed version) Mexico
Miracle de la 34e rue Canada
Le miracle de la 34ème rue Belgium
Le miracle de la 34ème rue France
Miracle on 34th Street Philippines
Miracle on 34th Street Singapore
Miracle on 34th Street South Korea
Miracle on 34th Street United Kingdom
Miracle on 34th Street Canada
Miracle on 34th Street India
Miracle on 34th Street Ecuador
Miracle on 34th Street USA
Miracle on 34th Street Israel
Miracle on 34th Street South Africa
Miracle on 34th Street Australia
Le miracle sur la 34ème rue France
Il miracolo della 34ª strada Italy
Miracolo nella 34a Strada Italy
Miracolul din Strada 34 Romania
Miraklet på 34:e gatan Sweden
Miraklet på Manhattan Denmark
Miraklet på Manhattan Norway
Susanin kääntymys Finland
To thavma tis 34is odou (transliterated title) Greece
Het wonder der 34ste straat Belgium
Het wonder van de 34e straat (informal literal title) Netherlands
Das Wunder von Manhattan West Germany
Das Wunder von Manhattan West Germany
Das Wunder von Manhattan Austria
Zázrak na 34 ulici Czechoslovakia
Zázrak v New Yorku Czechoslovakia
Θαύμα στο Μανχάταν Greece
Το θαύμα της 34ης Οδού Greece
Диво на 34-й вулиці Ukraine
Чyдо на 34-й улице Soviet Union
Чудо на 34-й улице Russia
三十四丁目の奇蹟(1947) Japan

Children's Cast:

Natalie Wood [8] Susan Walker
Anthony Sydes [6] Peter
Robert Hyatt [7] Thomas Mara Jr.
Sheryl Deauville Double for Natalie Wood
Teddy Driver [4] Terry
Marlene Lyden [7] Dutch Girl