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Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (TV series 1951-1958)

Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (USA)

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1951 April, 1
30 minutes
Production Company:
$ 25 000

Hickok rode Buckshot and 300-pound Jingles rode Joker. Jingles described Hickok as "the bravest, Strongest, fightingest U.S. Marshal in the whole West." And that's about it: he beat up all the bad guys and somehow kept his good looks. - IMDb

Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Canada
Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok West Germany
Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Japan
Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok USA

Children's Cast:

Tommy Ivo [15] Jimmy Blake / Timmy / Jim (TV Episode: The Dog Collar Story) (1951)
Johnny Crawford [12] Johnny (TV Episode: Spurs for Johnny) (1958)
Rudy Lee Sandy (TV Episode: The Sheriff's Secret) (1955)
Anthony Sydes [10] Bobby / Ned Gorman (TV Episode: Indian Pony Express) (1951)
Nadine Ashdown [7] Susie / Pam (TV Episode: Schoolteacher Story) (1952)
Robert Winans [11] Bobby Waltham (TV Episode: The Rock Springs Rustlers) (1951)
Gordon Gebert [12] Tim Nolan / Tommy (TV Episode: The Young Witness) (1953)
Orley Lindgren [12] (TV Episode: Behind Southern Lines) (1951)
Mary Jane Saunders [13] Mary Nicholson (TV Episode: The Bold Raven Rodeo) (1956)
Bill McKenzie [13] (TV Episode: Behind Southern Lines) (1951)
Bart Braverman [9] Tim Stevens (TV Episode: Treasure Trail) (1955)
Mickey Little [14] Tad Tolliver (TV Episode: The Boy and the Hound Dog) (1955)
Lonnie Thomas [11] Jimmy (TV Episode: Clem's Reformation) (1958)
Peter J. Votrian [10] Mike (TV Episode: Schoolteacher Story) (1952)
Brad Morrow [13] Jimmy Crank / Bobby Laughton / Dan Neary (TV Episode: Cry Wolf) (1955)
Scotty Morrow [10] Bobby Willis (TV Episode: Wild Bill's Odyssey) (1956)
Robert Hyatt [13] Little Joe / Ted Jenkins / Jamie / ... (TV Episode: Wild White Horse) (1952)
Louis Lettieri [7] Tommy / Toby / Butch (TV Episode: The Widow Muldane) (1951)
Danny Mummert [17] Al Slocum (TV Episode: The Slocum Family) (1951)
Gregory Marshall [12] Gabe Slocum (TV Episode: The Slocum Family) (1951)
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