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Nada será igual. La película

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2019 May, 2
100 minutes
Drama / Thriller
Production Company:

A group of friends go back to the institute after the summer. Everything seems calm, and after their old confrontations, they seem more united than ever. But a strange event upsets his apparent balance: someone has stolen the statue of the institute's founder, and Borja, despite having totally changed his life, is accused and expelled due to his troubled past. But this is only the beginning. A series of strange cases of bullying begins to splash the group, and the suspicion that not everything is what it seems leads some of the boys to distrust everything and everyone. A race against time begins without anyone knowing. Appearances can be deceiving and if the boys are not able to truly trust each other, a danger greater than any other will end up staining the institute with disgrace. - IMDb

Nada será igual. La película Spain

Children's Cast:

Carmen Arrufat [16] Joanna